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FEAST is a global decentralised conference and music festival, connected by radio. It is a celebration of local culture, with communities around the world sharing conversation, sound and music.

We are working on holding a decentralised series of events using World Café methodology to hold conversations integrating sound art, documentary and Deliberative Democracy.

We aim to celebrate and distill these conversations into a final performance around the Worldscape table by Atmos Studios.


FEAST is built around simple, tested and globally scaleable technologies. It is built on top of (and integrates) the following technologies in a new way: - FEAST Radio - FEAST Food - FEAST for the Eyes - FEAST for the Ears - FEAST for the Senses

FEAST uses these technologies to create a new form of decentralised social experience. Interactions are local, intimate and face-to-face while at the same time creating a sense of global community through sound and dialogue.

This connection does not overly interfere with the day to day activities of the venues. You can share a conversation, eat, drink, or dance, but still Feel Connected. It is an ambient sound track which is at the same time: - Global but also Local - Live and Local

# Activity Explore recent activity in the federation over the past few days, by exploring the links below: - Changes to this Site - Research Group Activity - Federation Activity - Drop in to our Fedwiki chat - riot.im - Create content with Fedwiki Tools


# People Here we list our writers (FEAST Researchers) on FEAST. If you are interested in becoming part of the team we run regular training courses on Journalism with a particular focus on Decentralised Collaboration And Research.

# FEAST Sites here we list wiki sites that we use to research and develop the FEAST Festival.




FEAST Researchers REFERENCES wiki.feast.fm/feast-researchers

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