Pigny is a commune in the Cher department in the Centre region of France - wikipedia

The town of Pigny in France - openstreetmap 47.1706 2.4483 Pigny

# Pigny Symposium (25-28 May 2017)

The theme of the symposium will be "For a new archivist" and will take place in Pigny, France from the 25-28 May 2017.

Artists, librarian and philosophers to discuss Yuk Hui's Archivist Manifesto, explore new tools to build and share knowledge. To reflect on the politics of archiving, the set of practices it englobes, reveals and hides.

# Noam's notes

François Guerroué, whom I met at the Aby Wargurg Library in Hamburg during a workshop with Bernard Stiegler, is organising a very free-style week end of workshops and talks of his own around the Archivist Manifesto, written by a post-doc from Hong Kong, Yuk Hui

I think it’d be great to implement a mini-Feast protocol on the sunday, to record interesting discussions — which will then be typed down, remixed, archived and re-created.

# David's notes

I would love to cover this event for FEAST, propose the template of the decentralized connected micro-discussions to the guests. Recording and editing the discussions will produce content (in French mainly), it is also a nice occasion to work with FedWiki.

In particular i would like to work on the practice and concept of Legacy and Immortality with regard to archives. I would hope to outline a development path towards creating a Permanent Wiki which while it appears to be an oxymoron is a term that I believe captures the pragmatix of the task at hand.