FEAST.fm is an internet radio station which is designed to concentrate on music and talk shows to accompany the FEAST Festival.

The origin of speech in Homo sapiens is a widely debated and controversial topic. The problems relate to humans' unprecedented use of the tongue, lips and vocal organs as instruments of communication. Other animals vocalise, but do not use the tongue to modulate sounds - wikipedia

In order to create a compelling atmosphere to engage groups in conversation around a theme, the thought is to create a soundscape that places the conversation in context. Here we look at a few pragmatic ideas about how to make this possible:

Here we will explore the forthcoming networked event in London, which weaves a number of themes into one overpowering sound. Drone is the meme and name of the event.

The Fula have a rich musical culture and play a variety of traditional instruments including drums, ''hoddu (xalam)'' (a plucked skin-covered lute similar to a banjo), and ''riti'' or ''riiti'' (a one-string bowed instrument similar to a violin), in addition to vocal music. The well-known Senegalese Fula musician Baaba Maal sings in Pulaar on his recordings. ''Zaghareet'' or ululation is a popular form of vocal music formed by rapidly moving the tongue sideways and making a sharp, high sound - wikipedia

FEAST aims to work with local radio stations and podcasters around the world to celebrate the diverse and vibrant culture of local radio. It is structured as an artist led coop, and we create and provide tools that make it simpler and legal for stations to share content and collaborate on productions.

Local radio stations can promote the festival to their listeners, inviting them to create a FEAST at home and tune into the radio, and advertising local live events that take place throughout the community, and the festival promotes the local radio station with every venue publicly playing the sound of the station.

# Live radio stations

Here we list some live radio stations that we hope to work with during the FEAST Festival.

https://stream.radio.co/s5e194df9a/listen Solidarity.fm's live stream - solidarity.fm

http://streaming.radio.co/s57043ec0a/listen Soho Radio's schedule is here on sohoradiolondon.com

We aim to create a number of streams or Layers of Radio, inviting producers and radio stations to take turns in live sets.