FEAST is a Gathering

A FEAST is a gathering of friends and neighbours. Individuals are invited to take part anywhere in the world, simply by cooking locally sourced food, inviting some friends and tuning into the radio. We make it simple for these small groups to take an active part in the festival, whether that be by becoming a radio presenter, DJ, or holding a panel discussion. Speakers and performers can take part from anywhere in the world through the magic of the internet.

FEAST is a celebration of small things. The festival is inspired by the Schumacher Principles of Think Global Act Local. It combines the ability to interact face-to-face with performers, speakers or local people, with the ability to connect these conversations globally through radio and the internet: - FEAST is Local - FEAST is Global

It is about engaging locally but connecting with each other globally in new ways, creating new conversations. We use food as a platform for people to gather with friends and neighbours. We use music to dance and wonder at the sounds of distant cultures- to feel connected.