FEAST is a Festival

FEAST is designed to be a popular and adaptable festival that is able to engage as wide and diverse a community as possible. We will be creating a unique platform for emerging artists, buskers and new bands, and will work with project partners wherever possible to find, and help to promote new upcoming talent.

To these ends we will be creating a cooperatively owned music label, that artists that take part in the festival can join, and use blockchain technology to secure their rights in their music, while making it as easy as possible for them to have their work published with transparent accounting and democratic control over the running of the record label. Our aim is to make these issues a core part of the branding and marketing of the festival as a celebration of local culture and undiscovered talent.

FEAST connects local festival venues through a 24/7 live Radio Station. We work with caf├ęs, bars and their customers to collect music and create their own collaborative playlists. FEAST curates and encourages food and art events highlighting fresh and locally grown produce. FEAST works with local radio stations, or helps create new low-cost internet or FM radio stations, to channel the energy of young people, artists and local musicians, giving them a platform to publish their work.