FEAST is a Conference

FEAST creates a platform for a decentralised conference, in which groups can engage in in-depth discussion face-to-face, and then give feedback in the form of a live audio podcast.

FEAST is about conversation. It is a platform for engagement. We do not believe in centralising conversations on vast public platforms, instead FEAST encourages slow thoughtful, or passionate conversation between people, in their own context, in their own place, on their won server.

We do not think that the right people are engaged in civic or political conversation, or that conferences and consultations give the appropriate space for questions or public debate. Tweeting a question to conference, or the president of the United States is not a meaningful dialogue.

FEAST aims to engage people in a new way, based on traditional values of conviviality and neighbourliness. FEAST is designed to be entertaining, it should be an experience, not just a great party but to also give space for conversation. This combination creates a platform to engage people who are not traditionally engaged in civic discourse.

To achieve this FEAST explicitly and actively seeks out ways to engage the groups of people that normally never turn up to public meetings. We play music on the streets, and perform in cafés, mosques. parks and churches. We celebrate with food in our restaurants, our community centres and in our homes. And everywhere we encourage conversation, Spoken Word, and dialogue.

As a conference methodology FEAST aims to combine the informality of traditional Face-to-face Conversation with an entirely new methodology based on distributed Word Café meetings and Deliberative Democracy. This new methodology uses technology to reduce the formality of the debate, while enabling constructive conversations at scale.